There are many advantages of being a member of the Orchard Squash Club. The club has a home away from home feel to it, with a personal ambiance. You will meet like minded people here sharing common interests, in a friendly atmosphere.

  • There are excellent Squash facilities, newly renovated, wonderfully lit, tiered, spacious, and ready to meet your fitness needs.
  • Centrally located with parking facilities for our members and guests we are “The” Squash option customised for your requirements.
  • Squash is a social game, and an excellent way to meet many interesting and different people
  • Squash is an excellent way to get into shape. In 40 minutes, a player can work up quite a sweat, all while having fun.
  • Squash is an excellent way to cross train for another sport, as it helps to improve your conditioning, agilty, balance, eye co-ordination, quickness, and mental game (see next point)

At the advanced levels, squash is one of the most demanding and intense sports. It is also a chess-like strategy based game. Unlike team sports, winning depends solely on you and your level

Please drop by or call us at 021-4291696 to arrange a visit. Our Membership Manager, Kieran Barrett, will be happy to show you around the club, introduce you to members and answer your queries.

Various forms of Annual membership are available:- Adult, Family, Student, & Junior. Guests are also welcome for a small fee payable at the bar. Contact Kieran or John Barrett for the best deals.


Descartes separated the mind and body. Squash brings them back together, kicking and screaming

Actually the basics are quite simple. A point begins when the server, standing in one of the service boxes two-thirds of the way down the court, hits the ball to the front wall to rebound into the oposite side of the four-wall court.

Once the ball is in play, you can hit it directly to the front wall, either of the side walls, or even the back wall en route to the front wall, as long as it hits above the 17-inch-high piece of tin that runs along the bottom of the front wall.

You gain a point when your shot eludes your opponent. The first player to reach nine points wins.

Squash got its name from the ball, which squashes flat when it hits the wall. The sport demands that you sprint, lunge, and strike, all often at the same time. Prepare to be dazzled by the way the ball ricochets around the court like a bee on amphetamines.

A solid squash player posesses technique, finesse, and the ability to anticipate which way the ball will rebound of the wall. Lacking virtually all of these, you as atreasured newcomer, will run around the court as if your shorts are on fire. Everyone you will play may trash you, but you won’t get over how good it feels to whack the ball without worrying about it going far and away.

Hammering the ball is a simple tonic that can purge all that ails you.

Squash is a classic Cork game – it’s all about two people fighting over one small parking space.

In squash, anticipation and deception are huge. “I thiught you said fitness was huge.” It is, especially if you can’t anticipate or decieve.